The first picture is of me a year ago. Long hair, a bit shy, and confused with who I was.

The second picture is me about a week later. My confidence was sky high and I felt ready to take on the world. Until some people tried bringing me down. And they did. I was only fourteen after all. Losing friends and “romantic interests” was a big deal to me, it still is, but not nearly as much.

The third picture is a crappy seflie taken with my outdated webcam. But you know what? I feel beautiful. My hair has grown into a nice little pixie cut, and I’d probably have a bob at this point if I hadn’t shaven my head again in December. 

I’m at a good place with myself right now. I learned a lot about the world by becoming an outsider of the ‘norm’. I learned how to defend myself. (I also learned that for you to be able to properly defend yourself online, you have to be able to type with a pretty tight grasp of the English language c;) 

I learned how to be happy with myself, and feel beautiful because of who I am, not just how I look. I’m growing my hair out long-ish again, but only because I want to. Me. It’s going to be my choice. And the choice itself is what’s make me such a confident young lady. 

So, to anyone considering the big chop: I say do it. It’s such a great experience, whether you want to shave your head, or chop off the long locks and rock a pixie or a bob.

It’s like giving up that security blanket you never knew you had.

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  • 05 July 2013
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